A Lethal Trap

No matter which newspaper I read, I can confirm there are still very few people who are completely clear about the nature of the conflict with Spain. Catalonia has lived for so many years erased from history, and we Catalans have lied to such extent to survive, that the same baroque layer that almost suffocates us is now confusing our adversaries.

I already said that independence could have been achieved calmly and catastrophe-free and that, now, it will become a great carnage. The Spanish will undoubtedly sink the prestige of their democracy, and the Catalans who lived off the occupation and believed their own demagoguery will remain so out of context that they will have to strive hard to overcome melancholy when all this ends.

If Rajoy had an opportunity to kill the idea of the referendum, he squandered it by sending the police. Deceived by the same known henchmen, who think Catalonia is theirs and that everybody is just as miserable, he has met an unexpected resistance. The attempts to push the country into a UDI or into plebiscitary elections will not succeed following the reaction from dock workers, peasants, and the academic world in favor of October 1.

As expected, the political unity that could have never achieved a sovereignty government has achieved the referendum. Although some toxic elements from PDeCAT, allied with Pablo Iglesias, continue to work to make the conflict a Spanish affair, the organization of the referendum continues. On Tuesday, while the Civil Guard was besieging CUP headquarters, inside, a group of politicians of all colors conjured up to carry it out, no matter the cost.

With a million mobilized Catalans, when the Catalan government places the ballot boxes, there will be no anti-riot contingent that will prevent it. If the Spanish were intelligent and understood Catalonia, they would thank us for helping them set foot in Europe and consolidate democracy, and accept the defeat that awaits them at the polls. As they see the country through the eyes of liars that they themselves have bought off, they have completely lost sight.

The problem for the Spanish is that they can no longer bomb Catalonia, or kill and detain people massively. Each police unit they send, each armored truck that enters Catalonia to try to avoid the referendum, not only consolidates the political nation but also gives her back historical depth. The problem is so crude and so simple that when the unionists finally admit it, they will no longer have time to save face.

Rajoy is helping a lot to destroy the distorted image that the country had of itself through the deformed mirrors of the propaganda. The fact that disruptive world figures, including Assange and Nassim Nicholas Taleb, support the referendum is already a sign that the going is getting tough for Spain. Even La Vanguardia, which has worked hard to prevent it, must inform that the great newspapers of the West support Catalonia’s self-determination.

The referendum is leaving Spain's intolerance out of play because it reveals the deceit of its pseudo-legalistic propaganda, which needs the aesthetics of the revolution and of the ethnicity to seem credible. The debate that produced Brexit or the Scottish referendum will be a joke next to the impact that October 1 will cause in a Europe that had forgotten us and just now is starting to get to know us. The Generalitat has already paid the civil servants without going through Spain’s Treasury, showing who rules in Catalonia.

The Spanish will not only have to decide their idea of democracy but also whether they want to be European or become a whale ran aground on the coasts of the old Continent, as Edmund Burke said. If this time they want to fall into obscurantism, they will have to do it alone. Here, we no longer offer free lunches, as evidenced by the eloquent fact that the dock workers have left without service the police officers from Madrid that lodge in the Spanish boats.

Translated from Catalan by Fernando Beato